WNSF Round 3 - Monaco

Wednesday Night Street Fights

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Monaco was a Touring round held on Wed, May 27th.

Race Results

4Bill Stephens17-59.71:47.5624
5Kyle House17-1:19.51:46.9221
7Timothy McDonnell16-1 lap1:50.6815
8Xzayvia Aeyeres16-1 lap1:49.71112
9RaceBandit16-1 lap1:46.049
10ZMW_TravisD15-2 laps1:48.676
11Spencer Battersby2DNF1:49.0103

Track Notes

  • Similar to F1, keep your outside tires on the red-white curbing if you're going to take a lot of curb. Some of the curbs are nasty enough that you may find that you're better off not cutting them that much.

Max curbing use:

  • Like many rF tracks, pit in and out are not clearly marked. Here are the approx locations of where the speed limit starts and stops (the red pavement is a safe indicator):
  • This track does not have the real pit exit lane. You will have to merge in safely before turn 1. Leave plenty of room to your outside if anyone is close behind, and take the turn 1 apex curb as you normally would.
  • Pit lane speed is 60 kph/37 mph

Race Notes

  • There is a required pit stop in the race. It can't be taken on the formation lap or the final lap of the race (you can't take the checkers in the pits after having made your stop). You will start the race with 19 liters/5 gallons of fuel. This will probably get you ~22 minutes max. Don't get cute and save fuel, the pit stop is still required.
  • I will unlock "fuel strategy" in the fixed setup settings, which will allow you to select how much fuel you take on your pit stop.
  • Taking tires on your pit stop is not advised, since it takes a very long time. You may want to find your pit menu on the formation lap and set each tire to No Change, rather than do it in the heat of the race.

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