Wednesday Night Street Fights

Wednesday Night Street Fights

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  1. 1. Cars
    1. 1.1 Skins
  2. 2. Schedule
  3. 3. Server Info
  4. 4. Rules
    1. 4.1 Fixed Setups
  5. 5. Race Format
    1. 5.1 Sprint
    2. 5.2 Touring
  6. 6. Championship

WNSF is a series loosely associated with Zerkel Motorwerks, but anyone is welcome to race. There are no sign-ups per se--just show up and race. Discussion of the races and the series itself will take place on the ZMW Forum, so if you want to get more involved, you can post there. But, like I said, if you just wanna race, go for it.

1.  Cars

The cars we will be using are the WTCC BMW E90. You can get the mod at rFactorCentral:

The mod comes with an installer. This installer will not put anything in your start menu or Add/Remove Programs list. You only need to install the base mod, as we will be running with the WTCC cars only. The installer will allow you to install some extras; these are not required, but installing them will not be a problem if you want them.

We will be using the BMW E90 LIGA rfm, as it will allow pit stops. You may pick from any of the 2006, 2007, or 2008 WTCC cars. They all have the same physics.

1.1  Skins

Skinpack Download

If anyone wishes to use a custom skin, get it to me at some point and I will put together an optional skinpack download. The skinpack is updated whenever I receive and upload a skin, and hopefully the image with the text in it can keep you informed of when it was last updated. It's something different I'm trying; we'll see if it's better or worse overall.

2.  Schedule

xMay 6Detroit (1988)TestDetroit 1988 1.0 Install
1May 13Long BeachSprintLong Beach 1.0 Install (not LB 2007 for FPS reasons)
2May 20PauSprintPau - RACE conversion (this is not Pau '67)
3May 27MonacoTouringMonaco New Layout 1.1 Install
4Jun 3AdelaideSprintAdelaide 2.0 Install
5Jun 10NorisringSprintNorisring 2008 1.00
6Jun 17Lienz AltstadtSprintLienz Install (rF Liters will need to download this)
7Jun 24HitchinTouringHitchin 2.0 Install
8Jul 1St. PetersburgSprintSt. Petersburg 1.1 Install
CRJul 8Trois-RivieresSprintishTrois-Rivieres 1.0 w/fixes

If you are unable to download any of these, please let me know and I can host it.

3.  Server Info

The server will be named ZMW Street Fights. It should be available for practice by 9:30 pm EDT the night of the race, if not earlier (like, around 9:00).

There will be no password for now. If we get some guys who show up and cause problems, we might have to start passwording it.

4.  Rules

  • Flag Rules: Black Only
  • Damage Multiplier: 75% (subject to change between rounds if it seems to be too harsh, or not harsh enough)
  • Type of Start: Formation/Standing
  • Fixed Setups: Yes

4.1  Fixed Setups

We are going to be using a fixed setup for this series. It will be the default setup. Only the following settings will be adjustable:

  • Steering lock
  • Brake pressure
  • Brake bias
  • Fuel strategy (for Touring races)

Fixed setup rules for Touring races will have less fuel, forcing drivers to make a fuel stop.

5.  Race Format

Races will be held Wednesday night, with qualifying starting at 10:05 pm eastern. Qualifying will last 10 minutes. We will then have at most a 5-minute warmup, and the racing should start at around 10:20 pm eastern.

With the little delays between sessions, it will probably look more like this:

  • ~9:30 - Practice
  • 10:05 - Qualifying
  • 10:17 - Warmup
  • 10:23 - Race (1)

Everything should be over by 11:20 or so (earlier for Touring rounds).

5.1  Sprint

A "Sprint" round will consist of 3 10-minute sprint races. The starting grid for race 1 will be determined by the 10-minute qualifying session. The starting grid for races 2 and 3 will be determined by inverting the finish order of the previous race. Anyone joining between races will start at the back. There will be at most a 5-minute warmup session between races, but this can be waived if everyone is present and ready to race.

Anyone wishing to join for race 2 or 3 should make a post on the forum in the relevant thread stating that they intend to join as soon as they can. This thread will be checked between races and a post will be made when the server is ready to join. Alternatively, you might be able to join as a spectator during the race; once the race is over you can then say that you are going to join in the next warmup session in a car to ensure that we wait for you.


For race 2, the starting grid will be set by inverting the finishing order of race 1, less any drivers who have left the server. Anyone joining after race 1 but before race 2 will be placed at the back. Race 3 will work the same way, only using the race 2 finishing order.

5.2  Touring

A "Touring" round will consist of one 30-minute race, with a mandatory pit stop. You are only required to take fuel on this pit stop; tires are optional and they take forever so they're probably not a good idea. You will be forced to take fuel either by an increased fuel usage multiplier, or a fixed setup with low fuel. In any case, you are not allowed to make your fuel stop on the formation lap or the final lap of the race (that is, you should not be crossing the finish line and taking the checkered flag while in the pits for your mandatory pit stop).

6.  Championship

The points system is simple: last place gets 1 point, 2nd to last gets 2 points, etc. Winner gets 3 "bonus points", and 2nd place gets 1 (this will create a points gap of 3-2-1 at the top). Each race in a Sprint round will pay points, based on the number of cars in the first race (so, if people leave for race 3, say, last place will end up with more than 1 point in that race). Touring races will have triple points.

Here's the rub: come the final round, also known as the Championship Round at Trois-Rivieres, the points will be used to set the starting grid. That's it. The winner of the race will be crowned champion.

The reasoning behind this is simply that most casual sim racing series become "tow championships": whoever makes it to all the races wins. This way, losing points isn't a huge deal. Anyway, doesn't the SCCA decide their champions with a single race? Sounds like fun to me :) Also, I just want to race, not worry about points, so I thought I'd try something different. I think this will give the guys who want a season-long benchmark a way to measure themselves while also keeping the focus mostly on the individual races and not the championship.