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Rally Details Optionally, enter something else in case I missed one.
Optional Stuff

Give fancy colors to specific cars. Separate multiple cars with commas. Ex: 199,43,17,etc (6 cars max)
Completely remove any car you want from the results. Ex: 199,43,17,etc
Rename or merge classes. To change G5 to 2WD, write G5>2WD. Ex: G5>2WD,G2>2WD,etc
Only do results for these classes. Takes effect after the class rename above. Ex: SP,2WD,etc
Remove any stage from the results. Potentially useful if you got stuck in the woods on a stage. Ex: 2,5,etc

The idea of this thing is to combine the national and regional results of the Rally America national rallies, which are usually split into two regionals for regional competitors. Rally America provides full stage results for everybody, but overall standings are done seperately for N and R entries. So this thing just takes the stage results and compiles them like everyone was in the same rally, so regional guys can see how they compare to national guys on more than just a stage-by-stage basis.

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