This password will not be encrypted nor will it otherwise be secure, so don't use a real password that you would use somewhere important.




Picks will open a week before the event or so. Maybe earlier depending on when an entry list is posted. They will probably not be open before that series' previous race ends.

Picks will usually close just before the scheduled start of qualifying. The Rolex 24 is exempt from that because I have been taking forever to get it ready, and its picks will close just before the race starts. There should be something that tells you how long you have left to pick.

From the time the picks open to the time they close, you may change your picks as often as you like.


The scoring is extremely simple: for each pick you make, you score points equal to that pick's finishing position. Any blank or invalid picks will score last position + 1. Lowest score wins. Ties are broken by who has more 1sts, more 2nds, etc; if ties still remain after that, they are broken by who made their picks earlier.

We may do a season-long championship. If we do, it will be series-based, with maybe an overall champion as well. But we'll see.

Number of Picks

Each race will have a pre-determined # of picks that you need to pick in each class. In races without multiple classes, you may be required to meet some other stipulation, just to keep things interesting, like picking at least 1 driver outside the top 10 in points or something.

You are prohibited from making too many picks by both the JavaScript and PHP, so it should be impossible. Picking too few cars is possible, but discouraged, since any empty pick of yours (or any pick for a car that is not in the race; congrats on managing to do that, btw) will be scored as if it were in last position in class + 1.

User Accounts

One account per person, please. Please use the same account for each race you do picks for. If you forget your password, currently the only way to regain access to your account is to email me:

Other Info

Racing Series

These pick ems will definitely follow ALMS, probably follow Grand Am and Indycar, and maybe follow F1. I suppose if there is a demand for it we can follow others, but let's not go nuts.

Live Scoring

During the race, you should be able to see a table of pickers, picks, and positions (sure, the three Ps) that shows live pick standings based on the series' live timing. In the past I've been able to offer this for ALMS, Grand Am, and Indycar races, so hopefully I will continue to be able to.

Entry List

Whenever possible, the entry list is dynamically generated by using the entry list posted on the series' website. The benefit of this is that it makes our entry list as up-to-date as possible. The downside is that going out into the wilds of the internet to get an entry list can slow things down. Right now if it takes more than 5 seconds, the script will used a cached version of the entry list; it informs you that the list is cached and gives you a link if you really must try and force a non-cached entry list.


The picking experience is much better with JavaScript than without, but the site is perfecly functional without it. JS helps out by highlighting and displaying a popup showing all the drivers and stuff like that. It even keeps you from picking too many cars. Without it, if you pick too many cars, the PHP script will simply ignore the extras and issue you a stern warning.


This site assumes you have cookies enabled. If you don't, you can still make picks but you have to jump through a couple hoops. The site will say you are logged in when you aren't, so you need to make sure you submit your picks and type in your username/password on the same submit. It will indicate whether or not the picks have been saved, which will help you, you poor cookieless soul.

If you are a normal person and use cookies, you don't have to worry about such shenanigans.