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revision 1.9


  1. Class Structure
  2. Available Cars
  3. Server Setup
  4. Points / Championship
    4b. Car Penalties vs. Driver Penalties
  5. Half-Point Races
  6. Drivers
  7. Driving Aids
  8. Driver Naming Conventions
  9. Driver Changes
  10. Starting Driver
  11. Spectators
  12. Race Weekend Schedule
  13. Chatting
    13a. Inappropriate Chatting
  14. Qualifying
    14a. Use of Esc in Qualifying
  15. Race Length
  16. Race Start Procedure
  17. Restarting the Race
  18. Passing
  19. Lapped Traffic
  20. Headlights
  21. Blocking
  22. Virtual Mirrors
  23. Pitting
  24. Track Cutting
    24a. Track Re-Entry
  25. Black Flags
  26. Protests
  27. Generic Catchall (aka, 12-4-A)


1 - Class Structure
Two classes of racecar will compete in all NASCC events: Prototype and GT (Grand Touring). These two classes will essentially be completely independent of one another, except that they race on the same track at the same time. Points, finishing position, etc, are all class relative. There is no bonus for a GT car beating a Prototype or anything like that.


2 - Available Cars
In the Prototype class, three cars will be available:

  1. Audi R8
  2. Pescarolo C60
  3. Dome S101

In the GT class, three cars will be available:

  1. Corvette C6R
  2. Aston Martin DBR9
  3. Porsche 996 Turbo


3 - Server Setup
The race server will be setup in the following manner:

Additionally, the server's multiplayer.ini will be configured in the following way:

[ Multiplayer Server Options ]
Spectators When Closed="1"
Driver Swap Setups="1"
Allow Spectators="1"
Allow Passengers="1"
Allow Hotswaps="0"

The server will set all driving aids to off, except Auto-Clutch, which will be allowed (set to On).


4 - Points / Championship
Unlike the 2007 season, this year we are a team-based championship. More accurately, we are a car-based championship, meaning that every car will score its own points; so if a team has two or more cars, each of their cars is a seperate entry in the championship. If it is in some way ambiguous which of their cars is which, they will have to specify before the race. The top 10 places in each class will pay points, based on the ALMS's current points system:

  1. 20
  2. 16
  3. 13
  4. 10
  5. 8
  6. 6
  7. 4
  8. 3
  9. 2
  10. 1

In the event of a tie, it will be broken in the usual way (most wins, most 2nd places, etc, wins the tie-break).

In order to score points, the following condition must be met:

  1. the car must cover 70% of the class winner's distance

Any car that finishes the race and meets the above condition will be given 1 point if they finish outside the top 10. So it pays to finish even if you won't be in the traditional points paying positions. 10th place will get 1 point regardless of whether they finish or not, assuming they meet the above criterion, of course.


4b - Car Penalties vs. Driver Penalties
In the event that a car receives a post-race penalty that affects its placing in the race standings, the points that car earns for the race will reflect that change, regardless of which of the car's drivers actually committed the infraction.

If something extreme happens where a driver's actions are clearly uncalled for, and that driver is then forced to sit out a number of races, or banned from the league outright, this will not affect his teammates. Depending on what happened, however, it may get the car excluded from the race that this mysterious event happened in, in which case none of the car will score no points.


5 - Half-Point Races
Race Control may, under special circumstances, delcare that a race is a "half-points race" after the race has run. In that case, points will be awarded in the following manner:

  1. 10
  2. 7
  3. 5
  4. 3
  5. 2
  6. 1

The same conditions apply as in normal races, including the "all finishers get 1 point" rule.

This rule will take effect if over 35% of the cars in the class are dropped from the server due to a server-related problem. Depending on which cars get booted, it is possible for one class to be awarded full points, and the other only half. The purpose of this rule is, in case of a server problem, those booted will not be punished as badly as they might be for something that wasn't their fault, and those who remain in the race still have something to race for.

This rule may also come into play under other circumstances, which are not necessarily predictable. For instance, last season the server ended up being configured to not allow spectators to join during the race (by accident, of course). This lead to some drivers not being able to drive and some drivers who were driving not being able to run the full race distance. In the end, we shortened the race and awarded half-points. So if something goofy like that happens to come up again, we may use the half-points rule.


6 - Drivers
A race may be driven by as many drivers as you want (practically speaking, three is probably the limit in most races); one person may drive the entire race himself if he's really into that kind of thing. Because we are now a team-based championship, and because people are allowed to drive the entire race solo, there is no minimum percentage of the race that a driver must be in the car for.

If races start filling up, and people who want to race can't because the grid is full, it may then become required for a minimum of two drivers to drive one car. However, I honestly don't see this becoming a problem.


7 - Driving Aids
As detailed in the Server Setup section, only Auto-Clutch is allowed - all other driving aids will be banned. Additionally, the Damage Multiplier will be set to 100% (full damage) so be careful.


8 - Driver Naming Conventions
You are asked to use your real name when racing, although it is not strictly required.


9 - Driver Changes
As I said, driver changes are not required, although they are somewhat "encouraged", I guess.

The server will be set so that drivers cannot use their own setup when getting in a car; that is, the setup that is in the car when the car starts the race will stay in there until the end of the race, aside from any changes made on pit stops.

The exceptions to this are the steering lock and the brake pressure, which each driver can set as he wants them (this is very important for two drivers using steering wheels with different lock-to-lock ranges). To make sure you get the steering lock and brake pressure that you want, create a setup with the proper values for each in it, save it, and "assign" it as your prefered setup.

When doing a driver change, the driver getting in the car should only join the server (as a spectator) a lap or two before he is set to get in the car. You and your teammate need to communicate this however you see fit (TeamSpeak, telephone, whatever). Once the change is made, the driver getting out of the car should leave the server quickly. However, DO NOT exit the server or even the car until your teammate has control of the car; it would be wise to wait until he has driven the car out of the pitstall to be sure.

For details on how the server will be setup for driver changes, see the Server Setup section.

For detailed instructions on actually doing a driver change, see this thread in the forum:
Driver Change Procedure


10 - Qualifying Driver / Starting Driver
First of all, the driver who qualifies the car does not have to be the same as the driver who starts the car, although he must drive the car at some point in the race for the car to be scored. Any teams wishing to switch drivers between qualifying and the race need to follow a fairly strict procedure, outlined below.

Only one driver per car is allowed to be on the server by the 12:00 pm EDT start time of the 15-minute "Official Practice" session. This will be the driver who qualifies the car. No other drivers should be on the server, even as spectators, from the start of Official Practice until the start of Warmup. Once Warmup has started, any teams wishing to swap drivers will ask the admin if they may now swap, detailing which drivers are swapping. Upon receiving the OK from an admin, their second driver may then join the server as a spectator and do a normal driver swap in the team's pit stall. The team's qualifying driver, who should now be out of the car and spectating, will then disconnect from the server.

The reason for this is that rFactor likes to shuffle the grid around when people start doing driver changes post-qualifying. With the admin aware of all driver swaps, we will be able to set the grid properly to override any foolishness on rFactor's part.

Should this prove to be problematic and more trouble than its worth, we may just force all qualifying drivers to start the race.


11 - Spectators
Spectating is joining the server as a spectator. This is allowed during the race, since this is the only way to do a driver change, but it is limited: you are only to be a spectator for a minute or two before you get in the car. Conversely, if you are the driver getting out of the car, you are only allowed to spectate for the amount of time it takes you to make sure the driver change has been completed; after that, disconnect from the server.

Additionally, spectating is not allowed from the start of Official Practice (12:00 pm EDT) until the start of Warmup (12:40 pm EDT), and even then, it is limited to the situation described in rule 10.

The only people excepted from this are members of Race Control, who may spectate as long as they want/need to.


12 - Race Weekend Schedule
Each race will be run based on the schedule below (times are Eastern Daylight Time, as opposed to EST):

12:00 pm EDT - Official Practice (the server will be up well before this, so you are free to practice anytime)
12:15 pm EDT - GT Qualifying (10 minute session)
12:30 pm EDT - Prototype Qualifying (10 minute session)
12:40 pm EDT - Warmup / Recon laps
  1:00 pm EDT - Race starts

The same schedule in GMT (note that daylight savings time/summer time is not applied to GMT):

  4:00 pm GMT - Official Practice (the server will be up well before this, so you are free to practice anytime)
  4:15 pm GMT - GT Qualifying (10 minute session)
  4:30 pm GMT - Prototype Qualifying (10 minute session)
  4:40 pm GMT - Warmup / Recon laps
  5:00 pm GMT - Race starts

As outlined in rules 10 and 11, any driver who is not qualifying the car must be off the server by the start of Official Practice.


13 - Chatting
In pre-Qualifying Practice, chatting is allowed.

In Qualifying, chatting is absolutely not allowed - not even if you think the session is over. If an admin has announced the session to be over, then you may resume chatting.

In pre-Race Warmup, chatting is allowed most of the time, unless the admin is giving out directions (in which case he will say something like "PLEASE STOP CHATTING FOR A MINUTE").

In the Race, chatting is not allowed. The person you just wrecked will just have to assume you're sorry until you can clear it up after the race.

There are currently not actually any penalties for chatting when you're not supposed to - I am hoping we can just treat this as an ettiquite thing and it won't be a problem. I am also sure the occasional "sorry" or "pitting this lap" will slip out... just don't make a habit of it. If it does become a problem, penalties will be handed out.

Oh yeah, anytime an admin says it is now okay to chat, you can probably do so.

Whispering is fine, as long as the person you're whispering to is okay with it. Like, if you're both GT drivers and it's time for Prototype qualifying. If a driver reports getting unwanted whispers, there will probably be a penalty for that. Generally speaking, don't whisper to someone who is driving. Oh yeah, and whisper with care. If you tell everyone on the server, "w/ Johnny hey john I forget is this how you whisper?", not only will everyone laugh at you, but it will be treated as a normal chat message, and if done at a time when chatting is not allowed, you may be penalized for it.


13a - Inappropriate Chatting
Bashing, flaming, cussing out, whatever you want to call it - it's not allowed. Consider this your warning. Violating this rule will get you a one race ban; extreme cases may get you banned from the league. Really mild cases may only result in a warning, but don't count on it.


14 - Qualifying
The in-game qualifying session will be 25 minutes long. However, drivers in each class will be given 10 minutes in which to set a time.

The GT cars will qualify first, with their session officially starting when the in-game session starts. When 10 minutes have elapsed (with 15 minutes to go in the session), an admin will say something to the effect of "GT QUALIFYING OVER". At this point, you may finish any lap you are on. The first time you cross the line after the admin has given the signal that GT qualifying is over, you are to then proceed to the pits.

At 15 minutes into the session (10 minutes to go), the Prototype cars will be given access to the track and allowed to set their times. Again, an admin will say something like "TRACK OPEN FOR PROTOTYPE QUALIFYING". This time the game will end the session properly.

You are asked not to enter the track (exit the pits) until, as a GT driver, the light turns green at the end of the pitlane, or, as a Prototype driver, you see the admin's message that the track is open for you. If you wish, you are free to queue up at the pit out line and wait, like they do in F1.

Any Prototype driver who fails to set a time, or just plain sets a really slow time and is mixed in with the GT field, will be moved up to the rear of the Prototype grid before the race starts. This obviously also applies to any Prototype driver who was late to qualifying and didn't get a chance to make a lap.


14a - Use of Esc in Qualifying
For the sake of realism, you will not be allowed to "Esc out" of qualifying and then get back on the track, unless you were in your pitbox when you hit Esc. So, if you crash your car and cannot make it SAFELY back to the pits (it's a qualifying session - do not limp around in a dangerous manner and mess up other people's laps), you are to Esc out and stay there for the remainder of the session. If you drive around to your pitbox, you may hit Esc, make changes in the garage (or whatever you needed to Esc out for), and then rejoin the session. At the end of the session, you are asked to drive back around to the pits and Esc from there, although this is not required.

Since we do not have the resources to enforce this as the session happens, the replay of qualifying will be reviewed after the race, and anyone found to be in violation will not be allowed to qualify at the following round.


15 - Race Length
(This rule will not be appliccable unless we drop the rolling starts, in which case it will return.)


16 - Race Start Procedure
This year, we will be using rFactor's built in rolling start, unless we find that they aren't worth using. This rule currently assumes that we are going to use them.

under construction ;)


17 - Restarting the Race
There will be no race restarts, unless something really catostrophic happens. None of that "hey man, we got wrecked, rs?" stuff. You only get one start, so be careful.


18 - Passing
I have no intentions of defining what passing is. We all know how it works. I just want to reiterate, just in case you missed it all those other times it was said, it is up to the passing driver to make a clean pass. Don't go sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong. Now, this doesn't give the driver getting passed carte blanche to drive like a jerk. Safe passing is a two way street. These are relatively long races, so it would usually be wise to not contest a pass too vigorously. That said, it is still a race, and you are all racers, so as long as no one gets overly reckless, I don't really care.


19 - Lapped Traffic
This is dual class racing - there will be lap traffic. Probably incessantly. As a lap car, the most important thing is that you be predictable. Do not try to pull down out of someone's way when they're right on you... since they're probably just about to pull out to pass you. If you go offline to let someone by, stay out there until all the faster cars in the immediate vicinity get by. In general, the lap cars can run their line and the fast cars can find their way around.

Now, when someone comes up to lap you who's in the same class as you, it's not going to be as easy as a Prototype lapping a GT car. Just don't hold them up more than necessary. Now, you don't have to wreck yourself trying to get out of the way, just help them out a little. If they pull to the inside coming to a corner, ease out of it early and let them take it. If you're a control freak, you can pull over for them, just make sure you do it early enough that they won't be caught off guard by it.

However, the bottom line in all of this is, in any situation, the car being passed has the right (but is not required) to run the racing line. When fast traffic comes up behind you, and you are unsure of what to do, just drive your line. Be predictable. Be predictable.

Some of the tracks are quite hard to pass on (hello Lime Rock), so cooperation between lapper and lappee is going to be important.


20 - Headlights
Keep your headlights off, unless you need them to see. Do not flash your lights. The person you are coming up to lap very likely knows you are there. If they hold you up longer than you think they should have, then you can flash your lights at them, but only once, and not in or approaching a corner/braking zone. No one is impressed that you mapped a button and are impatient.


21 - Blocking
When racing for position, you are allowed to defend your position, but do so in a safe manner. When the driver behind you is about to put you one or more laps down, do not actively block him at all. When a driver comes up to you who is laps behind you, but faster, it's up to you to decide how you want to handle it. Obviously the smart move would be to let him go, but if you want to get yourself spun racing a lapped car, it's up to you.


22 - Virtual Mirrors
Virtual mirrors are not required, but are encouraged, especially for GT drivers. To turn Virtual Mirrors while in cockpit on, open your .PLR file in a text editor, and set the following line to 1:
Virtual Rearview In Cockpit="1"

If you aren't sure how to manipulate your player file, ask for help in the forums.


23 - Pitting
When entering the pits, be careful. Don't slow right in front of someone - pull to the side of the track that the pits are on before slowing. When exiting the pits, if there is a pit exit line, stay below it unless the track is completely clear. If there is a pit exit lane, use it (like the one at Laguna Seca). Some tracks may have special procedures for pitting in and/or out; look for those advisements in the race announcement thread in the forum.


24 - Track Cutting
We all know what is and isn't a cut. Basically, stay on the track. If you cut the track making a pass, give the spot back. If you cut the track defending a position (and the guy trying to pass you doesn't), give up the spot. If you cut and gain time, even, slow down until you think you've negated it. I don't want to see people consistently running off the track in a way that gains them time. "The track" is considered to be the asphault between the grass, and the curbing. If the curbs are really big, and you're the kind of guy who likes to put your whole car on the curb, knock yourself out. I don't think there are any tracks that we're racing on with any of that paved runoff that you can sometimes use to exit corners faster or anything like that, so I'm not going to worry about that.


24a - Track Re-Entry
If you do go off the track, it is your responsibility to safely re-enter the track. It doesn't matter how you got there - whether it was your fault or someone else's - it is up to you to resume racing without causing further accidents or significantly impeding the progress of those who managed to keep their car on the racing surface. If this means you have to sit and wait for 15 seconds because there is a contiguous line of cars passing you, then you'll just have to sit and wait for 15 seconds.

In the event that your method of track re-entry causes other drivers problems, expect a penalty.


25 - Black Flags
If the game gives you a black flag penalty, serve it. Period. No one is going to clear your black flag. If you think the black flag was in error, file a protest about it after the race. RC will review the circumstances of the penalty and attempt to right any wrongs. It would be nice to fix these problems as they happen, but the reality is things happen too fast during a race to do this.


26 - Protests
If you feel you were in some way wronged in the race, and the person who wronged you either went unpenalized, or didn't get a harsh enough penalty, you are free to bring this to the attention of Race Control, ie me. You can contact me however you want, although the best method would probably be a Private Message on this forum. I and any Race Control-type assistants I may have will review the situation and do what we feel the situation warrants. Don't be too shy about sending off a protest - we may not have someone in RC to watch the race as it happens, so it is very easy for us to miss things.

In the event that your beef is with something I did, well, treat it the same way. I will pass it along to the rest of Race Control, and if need be, simply post it for public discussion. I don't want anyone to feel that I am getting preferential treatment or anything, so I will probably actually be more likely to give myself a penalty than anyone else.

These protest may be filed on the day of the race, or the day after. The cutoff will be the end of the day (11:59 pm EDT) after the race.

Conversely, if you were penalized and feel it was too harsh, you are free to do the same thing (contact me about it). You will have the same period of time to file your protest as above, if it was an in race penalty. For a post-race penalty, you will have 24 hours after the penalty was handed out to file. If you want, for protesting a post-race penalty, you can just reply to the thread you were penalized in if you don't feel like being discreet. Let's just not go all public pissing match about it, okay?


27 - Generic Catchall
I have tried to be as complete as possible in writing these rules (as many of you probably figured out when you saw the size of the scrollbar). However, that doesn't mean I didn't overlook something. If we (Race Control) think you did something that deserves a penalty, we may just go and penalize you even if your particular infraction is not in the rulebook. Obviously that is not something anybody wants, but I'm sure I've overlooked something, somewhere, so I'm putting this rule here just in case I need it. Consider this NASCC's version of NASCAR's "Actions detrimental to stock car racing" rule.